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Tearing your hair out running your business? I know… I used to have a full head of hair!

"I work with professionals, small-business owners, contractors, and entrepreneurs to increase sales and profits through better, more creative marketing and effective administration systems."

Which of the following best describes your frustration?...

No Customer Loyalty?

"We do a great job for them but they don’t return. Guess there’s no Customer Loyalty anymore!"

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Advertising Doesn't Work!

"It’s expensive and hasn’t produced, yet I need growth… there must be a better way!"

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Cashflow Driving You Nuts?

"I’m profitable and growing, but can’t balance income, inventory, and payables… my vendors are making me crazy!"

Click here to learn how to forecast and budget to stability

Killing Yourself While Staff Sits?

"I’m working like crazy while they watch. I feel like I’m running myself ragged working for them!"

Click here to learn how to motivate, inspire, and delegate

When you’re wide awake at 2:00 a.m. thinking about your business, do you hear yourself saying…

I have lots of ideas, but don’t have anyone to try them out on.

Everything seems to be going OK, but I feel that I could be doing so much better… if only I knew what to do to make it better.

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Low Sales Closing Ratio?

“We get in front of people yet we’re tongue-tied and don’t present our case well so they don’t see why they should buy from us!”

Click here and learn how to present and sell with confidence

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Larry writes "Front Lines" a weekly newspaper column published in the Northwest Indiana Times on business issues. Click here to read recent columns.

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