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If you are seeking to build a more profitable, more sustainable, more enjoyable business you’ve landed on the right web site.

I work with business owners, executives, and managers of quality-minded, high integrity businesses to create Marketing and Management Breakthroughs that gain:

  • Substantial, Sustainable Growth
  • Greater Profits
  • A Business based on Excellence

Got Excellence at your company?

Take my free “Culture of Excellence Assessment” and receive my White Paper “Create Your Culture of Excellence.” Discover where you need more excellence and how to create it for your company. As a bonus you will receive my weekly newspaper column and newsletter.

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Larry Galler


Can I just take a minute and thank you? Your guidance has truly helped to transform our company. We both know that changing a company?s culture is one of the hardest things to do. But you were able to take a company that didn?t even have status meetings to a point where we have monthly reports! And, get this, we are actually setting GOALS! Can you believe that?

Thanks again for your work.