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Does your car know the time?

The change to (or from) Daylight Savings Time is always accompanied with some trauma that comes from the task of resetting all our clocks. It seems that no two timepieces or appliances use the same resetting system (I’m sure that there is a conspiracy at work here to keep us confused at least half the year) and few people are organized enough to find the manuals that come with the microwave, DVD, and alarm clock. For some reason the conspiracy to keep us “Daylight Savings Time Challenged” is most successful at keeping us from being able to reset the clocks in our increasingly complex electronically enhanced cars. Continue reading

Think outside the cup and saucer

There were four of us at dinner. Three ordered “regular” coffee, the fourth requested “decaf.” Every so often a server, carrying two pitchers, refilled the coffee cups and knowingly poured three cups from one pitcher and one from the other. He never asked who wanted which type of coffee.

As we were leaving, one of us asked the server how he knew which of us preferred “decaf.” “Simple, the three of you drinking “regular” coffee have black cups with white saucers, we serve “decaf” in white cups with black saucers.” Inside thinking outside the box these people have been thinking outside the cup and saucer. Continue reading

Prove your commitment when they complain

Businesses like to brag in their advertising about quality of work, commitment to their customers, and excellent service. These statements are also proudly advanced in Mission, Vision, and Values Statements. They are foundational to success.

But, let’s face it we all occasionally make misteaks (misspelling intentional) and, even in the best of companies, anger a loyal customer. If we are lucky, we have built up enough “satisfaction-equity” with miffed customers that they will take the time and effort to complain, giving us the opportunity to correct the situation instead of them just silently defecting to the competition. Continue reading

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