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Have you every thought to yourself …
“I want my company to be known as the quality leader in my community but I have problems maintaining high standards. How can I set high standards and motivate the staff to excellence”?

Great companies, no matter whether they are one-person owner-operator service companies or multi-zillion dollar international corporations have high standards and they maintain those high standards for performance, for timeliness, and for pleasant, professional, and respectful treatment of customers. Great companies create a culture of excellence in everything they do from the way they serve their customers to the way they treat their employees to the way they treat their vendors. They create a business that is based on quality, growth, value, integrity and fairness.


A Culture of Excellence starts from expectations – your expectations, your customer’s expectations, your staff’s expectations, and the expectations of your vendors and stakeholders.

You have expectations for sales volume, profitability, the way your company treats customers, inventory control, equipment maintenance, how your staff performs their many tasks and much, much more.

Your customers have expectations for the quality of work you do as you describe it in your advertising and sales messages, your timeliness, the respect you show them, fair pricing and exceptional value, that you honor your guarantees, how you solve any problems, and your integrity.

Your staff has expectations for honoring your promises to them in compensation, benefits, perks, a safe and healthy work environment, and to be treated fairly.

Additionally your banker, landlord, and vendors expect you to pay them on time and deal with them fairly while your spouse, children, extended family, friends, associations and institutions you belong to and your community all have expectations of you and your company.

When you and your company meet or exceeds all these expectations you are well on your way to building a Culture of Excellence.

For a very few people, creating a culture of excellence is intuitive. Seemingly they came out of the womb with the culture of excellence fully formed in their frontal cortex. The rest of us have to seek excellence in a different way. Not being one of those natural attainers of excellence, I’ve had to take the time to study and ponder the topic and have developed a seven-step process to transform a business from “what it is today” into “the excellent company you want it to become tomorrow.”

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As you read each chapter and consider how each relates to you and your business, you will be able to develop a plan and start implementing it (NOTE: Creating a Culture of Excellence” is NOT a “bolt of lightening miracle” so if you want me to throw down a lightening bolt or are expecting a miracle or are expecting me to give you “the secret” don’t bother requesting it. But if you really want to have a business based on quality and excellence I think you will find amazing value in it.

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