Learn to Transform your business

from “What it is TODAY” into “What you want it to be TOMORROW!”

“One Year to Greatness” is advanced marketing & management training in a small group, conference-call setting for owners of Small Businesses. 

We meet every two weeks on a conference call line.  In twenty-six sessions you will learn to:

  • Create your path to the future… with an experienced Small Business Greatness Coach / Mentor at your side introducing the material and coaching the each group member to custom-implement it for your business.
  • Manage and Lead your company to Greatness!
  • Inspire your staff to a high level of enthusiasm and cooperation!
  • Plan and Implement the plan in a methodical, systematic timetable
  • Achieve the future you dream of!

One Year to Greatness ( OYTG) is comprised of three modules:

Module 1 – Foundation where you define your long-term Vision, your Position in the Marketplace, your Values.  From this analysis we develop a roadmap to transform your business from what you have today into what you want to be in the future.

Module 2 – Marketing – since your Vision will describe a level of expansive growth you have to develop many marketing actions – branding / social media / customer service / pricing strategies / promotions / advertising / customer retention.  You will learn how all these actions work together to develop a cohesive and dynamic marketing plan along with your plan to successfully implement it.

Module 3 – Management – The growth you get from a successfully implemented marketing plan will require that your company increases the ability to fulfill the increased sales volume.  Over time it will require hiring additional staff and training them well, increasing your production capacity to sell more products and / or services without eroding margins or profits, and elevate your leadership and communication skills.

The three modules work together to help you build a great company – one that becomes more profitable, more sustainable, and more enjoyable.

Your Private Coaching Sessions:

At the end of each module I hold a private coaching session with you to strategize and coach you to use the material we’ve discussed to your best advantage.

The next OYTG group will start with two free sample conference call sessions on July 21 at 1pm and 7pm Eastern Time.

 To register for either call, and receive info (including the “Schedule of Sessions”) on this award-winning virtual MBA for small businesses please submit this form:

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